Thomas Daddy Brima: Leading Sierra Leone Football to New Heights

The January-April 2024 edition of the Salone Quarterly Outlook Magazine, titled “Counting The Gains and Challenges,” has highlighted the remarkable work of Thomas Daddy Brima the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) and his Executive Committee, in driving the nation’s football to new heights.

The magazine’s football segment (pages 18-22) commences by acknowledging the resurgence of Sierra Leonean football, pointing towards a promising future for the country’s favorite sport. It attributes this resurgence to the remarkable leadership of Thomas Daddy Brima, affectionately known as Daddy Brima, whose tenure has brought about significant improvements, instilling newfound hope among fans and stakeholders alike.

One of the most notable achievements under Daddy Brima’s leadership is the formation of the Female Premier League Board, which has paved the way for the Female National Premier League. This move has not only elevated women’s football within Sierra Leone but has also propelled the nation onto the global stage of women’s football which saw last year’s Female Premier League winners Mogbwemo Queens participate in the preliminaries of the CAF Women’s Champions League, a continental women’s football competition.

The magazine’s coverage of Thomas Daddy Brima’s achievements extends to pages 18-22, providing in-depth insights into the transformational changes he has spearheaded within the SLFA. From infrastructure enhancements to increased investment and a strong focus on inclusion, Daddy Brima’s tenure has been marked by a commitment to excellence and progress in Sierra Leonean football.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, the Salone Quarterly Outlook Magazine applauds Thomas Daddy Brima for his dedication and vision, which have significantly impacted the growth and development of football in Sierra Leone. Under his leadership, the SLFA continues to chart a course towards a brighter and more prosperous future for football in the country.