Sierra Leone Football Association to Develop National Playing and Coaching Philosophy

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), under the guidance of its Technical Department, convened a crucial meeting today at the Football Federation Secretariat. The meeting gathered all national team coaches and regional technical officers to discuss and establish a comprehensive playing and coaching philosophy for all national team categories, including male and female teams.

The primary objective of the meeting was to develop a unified strategy aimed at creating a distinct playing identity for Sierra Leone, a crucial step in the nation’s quest to enhance its footballing prowess and align itself with global football standards.

Speaking to the technical officials the Technical Director of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Ibrahim Bah, stressed the significance of this strategy in transforming Sierra Leone into a footballing powerhouse, similar to other successful nations. Bah highlighted the necessity for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to establish a unique playing philosophy that would be adopted across all national teams.

Vice President-1 Harold Nat Johnson in his statement echoed Bah’s sentiments, expressing the federation’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that football is developed and played at all levels across the country. Johnson emphasized the importance of implementing a consistent playing philosophy, which he believes will not only enhance the performance of Sierra Leonean teams but also contribute to the overall growth and development of football in the nation.

This newly developed playing philosophy is set to be implemented across all categories of the national teams, starting from the Under-12 teams up to the senior national teams. The move is expected to provide a solid foundation for the development of football talent in Sierra Leone and elevate the country’s footballing stature on the global stage.