Siaka Stevens Stadium

Siaka Stevens Stadium owned by the government of Sierra Leone and named after the country's first President, is a multi-purpose national stadium located on Sykes Street, Brookfields in the capital city of Freetown. It is used mostly for football matches and it also has athletics facilities. It is the largest stadium in Sierra Leone and has a 45,000 capacity.[2] The stadium serves as the exclusive home of the Sierra Leone national football team, as well as a venue for social, cultural, and religious events. History[edit] Built in 1980 as Siaka Stevens Stadium (named after President Siaka Stevens), the stadium's name was changed in 1992 when a coup was launched by a group of young military officers which established themselves as the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC). In 2008, fans called for a return to its original name (Siaka Stevens Stadium), citing a lack of sporting success since the change and in 2014, the Minister of Sports, Paul Abubakarr Kamara was able to convince Cabinet and Parliament for the change. The previous stadium that was there was called Reckrie. Reckrie was completely demolished in the late 70s, and China won a contract to build a stadium originally named National Stadium. It was changed to Siaka Steven Stadium before the official opening in 1980.

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