SLFA President Brima Transforming Female Football in Sierra Leone

Under the leadership of President Thomas Daddy Brima, the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has made unprecedented strides in transforming the standard of female football in Sierra Leone. President Brima and his Executive Committee have been dedicated to uplifting the women’s game, and their efforts were on full display at the recently concluded Women’s Day Cup.

The Women’s Day Cup, organized by Haja RamKay in collaboration with the SLFA, saw the Sierra Leone National U17 and Senior Teams compete against their Liberian counterparts. Sierra Leone emerged victorious in both categories, showcasing the significant progress made in women’s football in the country.

SLFA President Brima Transforming Female Football in Sierra Leone

In his speech at the closing ceremony of the Women’s Day Cup, President Brima reiterated his passion for continuing to uplift the women’s game. He emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for female players to excel and reach their full potential in football.

One of the key achievements under President Brima’s tenure has been the launch of the first female premier league in the 2022/23 season. The second edition of the league is currently underway and has shown competitive progress. Additionally, the introduction of a female division 1 league has been a historic moment for Sierra Leonean football, providing more teams with the opportunity for promotion and relegation in the premier division.

President Brima and the SLFA’s commitment to developing female football in Sierra Leone is evident in their actions and initiatives. Their efforts have not only raised the standard of the women’s game in the country but have also provided more opportunities for female players to pursue their passion for football.

President Thomas Daddy Brima’s commitment to professionalizing women’s football in Sierra Leone goes beyond the field of play. In addition to the significant strides made in league development, President Brima is overseeing the construction of standard artificial turf pitches across the country.

As part of this initiative, the first phase of constructing four pitches in Port Loko, Freetown, and Bo is nearing completion, with the final touches expected to be finished by the end of March. These pitches will provide female players with state-of-the-art facilities to train and compete, helping to elevate the standard of the game in Sierra Leone.

Looking ahead, plans are already in place for the second phase of the project, which will see the construction of at least four additional pitches in other parts of Sierra Leone. These pitches will not only benefit female footballers but will also serve as valuable community resources, promoting grassroots football development and providing opportunities for youth engagement in sports.

President Brima’s efforts to construct these artificial turf pitches underscore his dedication to creating a sustainable and professional environment for women’s football in Sierra Leone. By investing in infrastructure and providing top-notch facilities, President Brima is laying the groundwork for a bright future for female footballers in the country.