SLFA Commences CAF 'A' License Course

CAF ‘A’ License course has started in Sierra Leone last Wednesday with 30 coaches bracing up for the challenge to become the first set of ‘A’ License holders in the country.

Representing the EXCOs and the Technical Committee at the opening ceremony, Harold Nat Johnson commended coaches for their tremendous efforts in the development of the game locally. He noted that the ‘A’ License course should be a stepping stone towards a new beginning for football in the country.

“I wish you well in this all important course and hope you get the right attitude and a conducive atmosphere throughout the course,” Mr Johnson said.     

Technical Director, John Jebboh Sherrington says the course will be intensive and interactive while assuring that the Technical Department of the Sierra Leone Football Association will endeavor to negotiate for ‘A’ License coaches to be employed nationwide by the SLFA.

“This is your PHD and therefore I implore you to take it very seriously. You don’t know when we would have the opportunity to do another ‘A’ License in the country. I wish you well and hope all of you will make the grades,” the TD admonished the ‘A’ License hopefuls during the opening ceremony.

According to the lead Local Instructor, John Keister, the 240 hours intensive Course will enable coaches to expand on practical sessions which include functional plays; conducting typical training sessions, Warm up-stretching-coordination-Recovery;  periodization and conditioning; coaches Code of Conduct; Principles of Learning and Training Methodology among others.

“At the end of the course, coaches are expected to be more professional than they use to be. Coaches would also have the opportunity to do topics relating to Management of Injuries, Psychology and Mental Strength of players as well as Management of the Media. This will enable coaches to get a clear understanding of each and every person’s role within and around the team. Coaches should be able to discuss with team doctors as well as media officers on their respective roles and where necessary give advises on what is best for the team at a given time and situation,” John Keister said.

John Ajina Sesay, one of the ‘A’ License students and a former Sierra Leone international described the course as a “dream comes true. He noted that this has been their dream for the past years but it was not forthcoming due to reasons he cannot tell.

“We are very proud to be among the first set of coaches doing the ‘A’ License and we are hoping that after this course, windows of opportunities would be open to some of us especially in the SLFA,” John Ajina Sesay said.

Among the participants are notable former internationals, Joseph Toby, John Ajina Sesay, Abubakarr Tostao Kamara, Musa Kallon, Chernor Mansaray and Charlie Wright among others.   

Meanwhile, as the course continues, CAF has communicated to the Technical Department of the SLFA that two instructors would be sent to Sierra Leone on diverse dates within the course time frame to evaluate the local instructors as well as conducting exams for the participants.  

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