Article 1. Natural persons

Article 2. Time / Commencement

Article 3. General rules

Article 4. Eligibility and Dismissal


Article 5. Conflicts of interest

Article 6. Conduct towards government and private organizations

Article 7. Discrimination and Defamation

Article 8. Protection of personal rights and mental integrity Article 9. Loyalty and confidentiality


Article 10. Offering and accepting and other benefits Article 11. Bribery

Article 12. Misappropriation of funds

Article 13.Manipulation of football matches or competitions

Article 14. Commission

Article 15. Forgery and falsification


Article 16. Abuse of Position

Article 17. Involvement in betting, gambling or other similar activities

Article 18. Duty of disclosure and reporting

Article 19.Jurisdiction of Ethics Committee

Article 20. Duty to Cooperate

Article 21. Application of SLFA Disciplinary Code

Article 22. Means of redress

Article 23.  Overlapping Responsibility

Article 24. Secretaries

Article 25.  Independence

Article 26. Withdrawal

Article 27.Confidentiality.

Article 28.Parties

Article 29. Representation

Article 30. Failure to Cooperate

Article 31. Notification of decisions and other documents

Article 32. Effects of decision

Article 33. Various Types of proof

Article 34. Anonymous participation in proceedings Article 35. Identification of anonymous participation in proceedings

Article 36. Inadmissible evidence

Article 37. Evaluation of proof

Article 38. Standard of proof

Article 39. Burden of Proof

Article 40. Beginning and end of time limits

Article 41. Compliance

Article 42. Extension

Article 43. Suspension or Continuation of proceedings

Article 44. Procedural cost

Article 45. Procedural Costs in case of closure or proceedings or acquittal

Article 46. Procedural costs if sanctions are imposed

Article 47. Procedural compensation

Article 48. Right to submit complaints

Article 49. Preliminary investigations

Article 50. Opening of investigation proceedings

Article 51. Initiation of investigation

Article 52. Duties and competence of the Ethics Committee as an Investigatory chambers

Article 53. Conduct of proceedings

Article 54. Competence of the Chairman of the Ethics Committee acting as   Chief of investigation

Article 55. Conclusion of investigation proceedings

Article 56. Final Report

Article 57. Plea bargain (application of sanction by mutual consent)

Article 58. Duties and competence of Ethics committee sitting as an adjudicatory chamber

Article 59. Adjudicatory proceedings

Article 60. Jurisdiction of the Chairperson of the ethics committee in an adjudicatory chambers ruling alone

Article 61. Right to be heard

Article 62. Rejection of motions for the admission of evidence

Article 63. Composition of panel

Article 64. Hearings, principles

Article 65. Hearing, procedure

Article 66. Deliberations

Article 67. Taking the decision

Article 68. Grounds of decision

Article 69. Form and content of the decision

Article 70. Enforcement of decisions

Article 71. Appeals Committee

Article 72. Court of Arbitration for Sport

Article 73. Review

Article 74. Conditions, jurisdiction, procedure

Article 75. Duration

Article76.  Exemption from Liability

Article77.  Repeated breaches

Article 78. Concurrent breaches

Article 79. Limitation period for prosecution

Article 80. Adoption and enforcement


WHEREAS, SLFA bears a special responsibility to safeguard the integrity and reputation of football IN THE REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE.

AND WHEREAS, SLFA is constantly striving to protect the image of football, and especially that of SLFA, from jeopardy or harm as a result of immoral or unethical methods and practices the always threatens to administration, management and practice of the game.

NOW THEREFORE, the said FIFA 2018 Code of ethics having been adopted by the General Congress is now subsumed in the subsisting code of ethics to be “SLFA Code of Ethics 2020”.