1.0.     Interpretation

1.1.     In this code, unless the context otherwise requires:

Appeal Committee” means, the Appeal Committee of the SLFA established under Article 62 of the SLFA Statute;

association” means, the Sierra Leone Football Association (hereinafter referred to as the SLFA);

a member of the Association” means, the associations, organizations, leagues and clubs affiliated to the SLFA as stipulated under the SLFA Statute including, their officials, players and supporters;

CAF” means, the Confederation of African Football

code” means, this SLFA Disciplinary Code;

Ethics Board” means, the Ethics Board of the SLFA as established under Article 63 of the SLFA Statute;

FIFA” means, the Federation Internationale de Football Association;

football association” means, the controlling body for football within a particular region, district or community;

intermediary” means, a natural or legal person who, for a fee or free of charge, represents Players and/or Clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding an employment contract or represents Clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding a transfer agreement;

matches” include, a football, futsal, or beach soccer match in its entirety (including a replayed and/or deferred match, extra time and penalty kicks). For the avoidance of doubt, a Match formally commences when the Stadium is officially opened to spectators and formally concludes when the Stadium is officially closed to spectators.

“member” includes, any member whether natural or juridical of a member of the SLFA, either directly, indirectly of by affilation;

officials” includes, owners, of clubs, shareholders,  of clubsthe technical team  and executive members of clubs, associations, organizations and leagues affiliated to the SLFAof clubs, association and organizations;

player” means, a professional or amateur football, futsal, or beach soccer player licensed with a Member Association.

referee” means, any individual appointed to officiate a Match in the role of referee, assistant referee, fourth official, fifth official, or timekeeper.

stadium” means, any stadium or field at which a Match is played. For the avoidance of doubt, Stadium includes, the entire premises (to the extent that a valid accreditation card or ticket is required in order to gain access) of a stadium facility inside the outer stadium perimeter fence and (on Match days and any day on which any official team practice session takes place within the stadium), the aerial space above such stadium premises; parking facilities; VIP and hospitality areas (including any hospitality village); the media tribune; concessions areas; commercial display areas; buildings; the field of play; any broadcast compound or stadium media center; any stands; and, any areas beneath the stands. .

supporters” includes, an unregistered supporter of a club;

sanctions” includes, penalties;

social media” means, the new media and any other form of electronic platform.

WAFU” means, the West Africa Football Union includes, “electronic means”

1.2.    For the purposes of this Code, and provided the context so permits;

1.2.1. the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa;

1.2.2. the masculine gender shall include the feminine and vice-versa;

1.2.3. reference to natural persons shall include any legal person or corporation.;

1.2.4. Rreferences to the SLFA AFC shall include its successors and permitted assigns.

1.3.   Terms referring to natural persons are applicable to both genders and any term in the singular applies to the plural and vice versa.