The Nomination Process


1. A candidate must be nominated by a member of the SLFA. In accordance with Article 10 of the SLFA Constitution, the members of the SLFA who can nominate a candidate are either of the fourteen (14) Premier League clubs, the five (5) Regional Associations, the sixteen (16) District Associations, the National Coaches Association, the National Football Referees Association and Association of Football Veterans. Article 12 (1) (c) of the SLFA Constitution confers amongst other things the right on SLFA members to nominate candidates for all bodies of SLFA to be Article 32(2) (the last sentence) of the SLFA Constitution confers similar powers on members of the SLFA to propose candidates for elective positions in Ex Co.

2. The nominating member must be a valid member of SLFA at the time of proposing a nomination. A member of the SLFA must be in compliance with Articles 10-13 of the SLFA Constitution in that amongst other things its membership should be up to date having paid their subscription fees up to 2021 and not having been suspended for violation(s) of the SLFA Constitution on the grounds and for the reasons contained in Article 14 of the SLFA Constitution.

3. At the time of submission of nomination of a candidate, the member of the SLFA that is proposing the nomination must show written proof of authority from the nominating club or association. Such written proof may include written resolutions supported by minutes of the meeting in which it was agreed that the candidate be proposed by a club or an
This requirement accords with amongst other provisions, Article 21(2) of the SLFA Constitution.

4. At the time of submission of nominations, a checklist of the nominating entities membership eligibility will be completed and signed off by both the submitter and the receiver. Should the checklist be incomplete, the nomination will not be accepted as valid by the receiver and the nomination documents will be returned to the submitter.



5. The SLFA Member that is proposing a candidate must submit its nomination to the SLFA Secretariat in writing and this must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation;

i.  A completely filled out nomination form that can be obtained from the SLFA Secretariat or downloaded from the SLFA official website specifying amongst other things the position(s) for which the nomination is proposed; the full names of the nominee, the physical as well as the email address of the nominee;

ii. Evidence of payment of nomination fees; and

iii. A written declaration by each nominee that he/she accepts the nomination

6. Each nomination must be seconded by a member of SLFA and the member seconding any nomination must comply with the requirements set out in (4) above.


7. In accordance with its mandate under the Statute as the independent committee charged with conducting elections for elective congress amongst other things; the Electoral Committee hereby declares that nominations open with immediate effect of this announcement on Monday 21st day of December 2020 and close at 5pm on Friday the 8th day of January 2021.

8. The Electoral Committee hereby declares the nomination fees to be Le10,000,000 (Ten Million Leones) for election to the office of the President, Le 5,000,000 (Five Million Leones) for the offices of Vice-President and Le3,000,000 (Three Million Leones) for the three (3) positions for Executive Committee (Ex Co).


9. In compliance with the obligations imposed on it by Article 25 (3) of the Constitution, which states amongst other things; that “At least one position shall be reserved for a female candidate,” the Electoral Committee hereby declares that one of the contested Ex Co seats will be mandatorily filled by a female candidate.

10. In this regard, the Electoral Committee hereby puts all members of the SLFA on notice that it has, by the authority vested in it pursuant to Article 25 (3) of the SLFA Constitution “RESERVED” one Ex Co elective seat for a female candidate and shall not declare that reserved seat filled in any event unless the elected person for that reserved seat is a female.


11. The Electoral Committee shall examine all nominees put forward by members of the SLFA. In carrying out its examination, the Electoral Committee shall consider the constitutional requirements set out in Article 32 of the SLFA Constitution namely; Evidence of compliance with the below will be required.

i. They shall undergo an integrity check in accordance with Annex A of the Constitution to be conducted by the Ethics Board prior to their election or re-election. See Article 32 (2) of the SLFA Constitution;

ii. A President or Vice-President seeking election should not have served more than three terms (whether consecutive or not) and in this respect a partial term counts as full term;

iii. Nominees shall be citizens of Sierra Leone and shall have resided in Sierra Leone for a period of no less than five (5) years prior to Congress of which they seek to be elected;

iv. The nominee shall have been active in football for not less than five (5) years prior to Congress to which they seek to be elected;

v. Must not have been previously convicted and sentenced for any offence which involves fraud or dishonesty by a competent court; and

vi. Nominee may not at the same time be a member of an independent committee of SLFA and may not be appointed/elected as a delegate representing a member at the Congress.

12. In addition to its own examination of candidates, the Electoral Committee shall work with the Ethics Committee which shall provide its findings to the Electoral Committee. The findings from the vetting by the Ethics Committee shall be taken into consideration and shall form part of any decision reached by the Electoral Committee on whether or not a candidate meets the eligibility requirements of the SLFA Constitution and its Code of Ethics. See Article 32(2) of the SLFA Constitution which states that each nominee be subjected to eligibility checks by the Ethics Committee in accordance with Annex A of the SLFA Constitution.


13. As part of its process of examination of candidates, the Electoral Committee may receive objections against nominees within the nomination period from a valid member of the SLFA. For and objection to be declared admissible for the consideration of the Electoral Committee, the objection must contain the following;

i. Protest must be in writing and addressed to the Chairman, Electoral Committee through the SLFA Secretariat. The written protest/objection must contain the following information;

a. The full names of the person or entity that is submitting the protest/objection;

b. The name and position of the Nominee that the protester is protesting against; and

c. The statute, code, regulation, directives or decision of the Electoral Committee that the nominee has contravened;

ii. Protests or objections may be delivered by hand to the SLFA
secretariat or email to or by post. However, the Electoral Committee absolves itself for any liability caused by delay from the postal service.

14. The Electoral Committee shall examine each protest that is submitted and shall state reason(s) for any decision it reaches on any objection/protest. Where the objection raised involves questions pertaining to the SLFA Code of Ethics, the Electoral Committee shall refer such objection to the Ethics Committee for further investigations and the Ethics Committee shall submit its findings to the Electoral Committee which shall thereafter issue a decision with reasons for its conclusions.


 15. A SLFA member or a nominee that is aggrieved by a decision of the Electoral Committee in relation to the issues pertaining to NOMINATIONS/ ELIGIBILITY TO BE A CANDIDATE may appeal to Electoral Appeals Committee of SLFA.

a. Such appeals shall be lodged to the Committee within four (4) days of the notification of the decision.

b. Failure to submit an appeal within four (4) days of the notification of the decision of the Electoral Committee shall render any such appeal inadmissible and SHALL NOT BE ENTERTAINED by the Electoral Appeals Committee.

16. All appeals emanating from a decision of the Ethics Committee shall be lodged with the Court or Arbitration for Sports (CAS).


 17. In accordance with Article 59(1) of the SLFA Constitution;

a. the decision of the Electoral Appeals Committee on questions relating to eligibility and other constitutional criteria on nominations shall be final.

b. The Electoral Appeals Committee shall issue its decision within four (4) days of closure of the period for submission of appeals against


18. The Electoral Committee shall publish the final list of candidates after notification of the last decision of the Electoral Appeals Committee.