FIFA Conducts Field Test on Kenema Artificial Turf Pitch

FIFA Conducts Field Test on Kenema Artificial Turf Pitch

Tuesday April 6, 2021

FIFA, through its preferred sports-field testing company called Acousto-Scan, has today successfully conducted a field test on the newly installed artificial turf at the Kenema City Field to ascertain, among other things; the authenticity of the turf, ball roll, ball rebound, rotational resistance and shock absorbency.

According to the two designated field testing technicians- Anthony Apparailly and Simon Cleary- the testing exercise is to determine players safety and pitch accuracy in line with FIFA standards.

Speaking to this medium about the outcome of the field test Anthony Apparailly said, “All the findings are within the requirements but we will now proceed to the laboratory analysis using the site samples. When this is done, we will present a report to FIFA who will then issue a field certificate to the Sierra Leone Football Association”. This, according to Anthony, will happen within a month.

Anthony however confirmed that, “once certified, the field will be eligible to host international matches”.

Meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Football Association through local contractors, has almost concluded arrangements for the commencement of the perimeter fence and floodlight installation which will further uplift the standard of the Kenema City Field.