The Sierra Leone Football Association would like to inform the general public especially football fans that the National Division One Play-Off (Qualifiers) will commence on Tuesday the 21st January 2020 to determine the promotion of four teams to the Premier League next season.

Four out of the sixteen (16) teams submitted by the Regions (East, South and West) have been seeded to the play-off proper which will commence later on the 25th of January, 2020 and the remaining twelve (12) teams shall play in the preliminary Qualifiers. The seeded teams were determined based on their playing strength from their respective regions.
After the Preliminary Qualifiers, the six (6) qualifying teams will be merged with the four seeded teams for a fresh draw to form two groups of five (5) teams each.
Meanwhile, the ten (10) initial qualifiers in the North West and Northern Regions remain the same. However, the fixtures will be modified to accommodate the new “Home-and-away” playing format. 
GROUP A                                      GROUP B
1. Sierra Leone Police- West     1. Mount Aureole SLIFA- West
2. Nogowa FC- Kenema- East   2. Edmond Micheal Foundation- South
21-01-2020 Luawa FC vs Estate Contractors FC TBD 4:40PM
21-01-2020 Kissi All Stars vs Real Mack FC TBD 4:40PM
21-01-2020 Nepean Stars vs Wanjama Stars Bo 4:40PM
21-01-2020 Rutile Stars vs Yambatui Stars Rutile 4:40PM
21-01-2020 Togbony City vs Tongi Boidu 4:40PM
21-01-2020 Khunla Stars vs Sky Eagles Kenema 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Estate Contractors FC vs Luawa FC TBD 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Real Mack FC vs Kissi All Stars TBD 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Wanjama Stars vs Nepean Stars Pujehun 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Yambatui Stars vs Rutile Stars Moyamba 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Tongi FC vs Togbony City FC Daru 4:40PM
23-01-2020 Sky Eagles vs Kahunla Stars Kono 4:40PM