ERFA Dissociates from “SLFA Membership” Resolution

Members of the Eastern Region Football Association have in a strong worded resolution dissociate themselves from the four-point resolution announced by some group of football stakeholders calling itself the “Sierra Leone Football Association Membership” and strongly declare their support for FIFA’s decision to implement the integrity test to its fullest.   

“As a responsible regional football association, we want to categorically dissociate ourselves from the said press conference and the resolutions read and distributed” the ERFA Chairman, Hon. Francis A. Konuwa asserted.

A press statement from the ERFA members read; “Eastern Region Football Association (ERFA) shall continue to recognize, cooperate and work with the Madam Isha Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) led Executive until the next elective congress”.

With regards to the FIFA letter, which has by all indication extended the tenure of the Madam Isha led Executive, the ERFA Statement continued; “Eastern Region Football Association (ERFA) shall fully cooperate and comply with the directives contained in that letter”.

On the 4th August, some members of the SLFA convened a press conference in Freetown wherein they told journalists that the “membership” of the FA has resolved not to countenance the presidency of Isha Johansen and her executive after August 3rd and that the four regional chairmen should take over the reins at the FA.

A delegate observed that, though the four-point resolution did not corroborate the SLFA Statutes, the “membership” went on to challenge the world football governing body and referred to it as a “third party”.

“What they failed to realize is the fact that FIFA directive is constitutional (Article 13 (1A) and as members of the FA, we are bound to abide by its dictates and directives at all times,” the delegate said.

In another development, a SLFA delegate in Kono disclosed that a 25-man delegation led by the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) Secretary General, Kasho J. Holland Cole visited delegates in Kono district but received the shock of their lives when they refused to talk to them even though they donated two sets of jerseys to two community teams playing finals at the Koidu City Mini Stadium.

Sources in Koidu City alleged that when the delegation returned to their Guest House, they started an altercation wherein one set was blaming the other for the shock they received.

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