Isha Abiodun Johansen

Ms. Isha Abiodun Johansen
President & Chairman
Executive Member
Finance Committee
Emergency Committee
Women's Football Committee
Committee of Ethics and Fair Play
Referees Committee

Isha Johansen – the 48 year old graduate in business management, who got attracted to the world of advertisement and football, became the first woman President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA).

Mrs Johansen may have started FC Johansen as a humanitarian project but her venture into youth football gave the sport in Sierra Leone a new face. Young talents prayed and played to seek the attention of the technical team, hoping that once they break through to the first team, their future in the game is certain.

Her election as president of the SLFA was described by the world football governing body (FIFA) as “a landmark achievement making her only the second active female FA president on the planet alongside Burundi’s Lydia Nsekera”.

“It’s a massive achievement for me and my family and all those who have supported my cause but I’ve always said this achievement, this award, is in honour of all women. So me being president of the Sierra Leone Football Association, I dedicate it to all the women of Sierra Leone.”

The Africa International Youth Tournament (AIYT) initiator brought to Sierra Leone several youth teams including a team from Brazil to take part in the maiden edition of the AIYT Trophy in Freetown before the West Africa Football Union (WAFU) got attracted to it.

Despite the several challenges ahead of her as FA President, Mrs Johansen is optimistic she would make the expected grades to turn things around and put Sierra Leone in the World platform of football and for her long-term would be to see that youth and women’s football grow to a decent and appreciable level.