Abdul Hamid Kanasieu Rollings

Mr. Abdul Hamid Kanasieu Rollings
Western Area FA Chairman & Chairman
Executive Member
Emergency Committee
Football Committee
Marketing and Television Board

Having started as an administrator of football some 20 years back, Kanasieu as he is commonly known is one of the few managers that was privileged to manage players that are now a household name in the country.

As the Manager of a community youth team named Square Rovers, the Trade Unionist has the honour of nurturing young players, who later became a pillar of the country’s national sides. The current captain of Leone Stars, Ibrahim ‘Obreh’ Kargbo is one of the many players who passed through him.

Having been a supporter of Ports Authority Football Club since his boyhood days, there was little wonder when he was appointed Chairman of the club’s supporters’ base in the early 90s. It was Kanasieu’s love and passion for the game that led the Ports Management to appoint him as Assistant Manager in 2002 and later rose through the ranks to become the current club president since 2008.

Due to his commitment and personal contributions to the development of the game, he was elected Western Area Football Association (WAFA) Chairman, which subsequently gave him a seat in the SLFA Executive Committee.